NEW YEAR MILLIONAIRE Software Review Scam or Works ?


NEW YEAR MILLIONAIRE REVIEW  – I’m certainly not an expert when it comes to the stock market, but I do like to dabble in other markets as well. One of them is the binary options market which I recently got involved in.

Yes I know it is very risky, but there are ways to minimize that risk. The best way I found out is to understand binary signals and know what to look out for. And while looking more about binary signals, one day I received an email about New Year Millionaire software

If you are one of those who also received an email about New Year Millionaire then you have come to right place because you’ll be able to read my honest review of New Year Millionaire in this blog post

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New Year Millionaire is a binary signal software that provides binary signals to you and its completely free. Yes, Aaron Williams is offering these binary signals free of cost. Now, you must be wondering why he is so generous and offering it for free. Continue reading

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Payday App Reviews a scam – Read my Truth

PRODUCT: Payday App

Exclusive Payday App Review

PAYDAY APP REVIEW : Everybody loves freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice etc. Another type of freedom which people work hard for throughout their life is financial freedom. Some achieve it easily while some do not reach their financial freedom goals ever.

Recently, I came to know about Payday App by adam miller who has decided to help select few people in achieving financial freedom through his freedom project which is completely free. The project sounded quite interesting to me and since I was invited to be a part of it through an email recently, I decided to give it a try.

One can only join Payday App if they are invited. In case you want to join Payday App, you can visit this special invitation link –

Ok, so lets puts this introduction part aside and let me quickly tell you what is freedom project all about and what kind of results I’ve been getting recently using Payday App software.

In this review, I’ll try to answer, What is freedom project? Who is Adam Miller? What’s the idea behind Payday App. What’s the cost of joining Payday App etc. So let’s start.

What’s Payday App? – Payday App is basically a trading bot/software created by adam miller who happens to be making lots of money from binary trading daily. Adam Miller is inviting people to try his freedom project trading software that delivers binary signals to you and you make money by using these signals to trade in binary options market. The software has auto trading option and doesn’t requires prior experience of binary trading or anything else. They even have training in case you want to do it manually.

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What’s the cost of joining Payday App? Continue reading

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Auto Wealth Package Software Reviews is scam

STOP! Don’t Rush! Read My Honest and Unbiased Auto Wealth Package System Review before Thinking of Download Auto Wealth Package Software!

PRICE: $1.95


Greetings everybody! In response to the huge amount of hype and anticipation surround this software launch, I wanted to personally try out the product for myself and provide others with an in-depth review and inside look. Created by one of the foremost leaders in the marketing coaching industry

AUTO WEALTH PACKAGE REVIEW -: Hello there…You must be here because recently you received an email having a link that took you to and after watching the complete video; you are interested to know what is the auto wealth package software & system all about and is it a scam or not…Right?

Well, just like you, I received an email that took me to that website. I watched the complete 40 minutes long video but got to know nothing much about the auto wealth package software which Mr. T boasted about in the video with some income claims. I was bit skeptical that time so went onto Google to look up for reviews of auto wealth package system, but unfortunately since its not available to everyone publicly without an invite link; I couldn’t find any review of it that could have told me a bit more in detail about it.

And what you will be reading today in this post is my unbiased and honest review of auto wealth package that will help you make a decision whether to get this or not. So lets get started…

After paying $1.95 for the auto wealth package software, I was taken to the login page where I had to enter my username and password… The login details were sent to my email ID that I entered on clickbetter’s order page. Upon logging into the members area, I was greeted by Mr. T with a video who welcomed me into the members area and quickly outlined the things I had to do to get started with the system quickly and make money with it.

Inside the members area, there were many tutorial videos and documents telling me what to do and how to use the auto wealth package software…And as expected, there was a link to access the software.

After going through the whole package for 1 hr, I was ready to set up my first campaign with the software. All I had to do was select the options from the menu according to my liking and enter some details in order to get paid from the affiliate network.

The software is very easy to use and doesn’t require any computer science degree to operate. There are no additional costs associated with auto wealth package software. And the best part it works everywhere.

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The only thing I didn’t like was the time software took to process the whole details I entered. It took about 10 minutes to complete the whole process. I expected it to be fast but anyways, the software did its job fine in setting up everything and the support team told me that they are trying best to reduce this time by half…

It was now time to test the auto wealth package and see whether it can produce any results/income as it claimed. So, I put the system to live and waited…waited…….waited.

After 5 days, this is what my account looked like by using the auto wealth package software…

See more proofs click here…

I achieved this simply by 2 hrs of using the software and doing the right work as explained in the videos and training inside the members area.

Although the income claim that you will make 6 figure earning in a week is far from true. I think it will take couple of months to reach that point but anyways, this software is working, making money and by spending what? $1.95? That’s seriously a great thing to have at this time. A real money maker and not a scam is what I will call it by ending this auto wealth package review.

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